Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green living in Hawaii

Many are concerned about being "green", which could mean anything from recycling, shopping with a re-usable bag, to building an entire house out of "green" materials. Some have dreams of being completely self-sufficient and earth friendly. Maybe you just want to be independent from "The Man", and free from the uncertainty of the economy.

Here on the Big Island you can get an acre in a rural neighborhood with no CC&Rs.Being free of Covenants Codes & Restrictions, means you can build your house any way you want, and paint it any color you want.You can build out of sand bags,or reclaimed lumber,use solar, or you can grow a acre of papayas and bananas, or maybe have your own herd of dairy goats. Imagine living on an acre where fruit and vegetables grow all year round.

Here in Hawaii there is such a subdivision, it is called Hawaiian Paradise Park, and one acre lots start at $30,000.00 cash. It has electric and telephone, but no county water, we collect our own water(no water bill!Yeah!). Come live your dream!

Want advice about going solar and living off the land? Need information about using environmentally friendly building materials in Hawaii? Want to buy some land in Hawaii with a low down payment of$2,000.00 and only $650.00 per month, owner financing?Call Sunny Petropoullakis RA (808)959-1117

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