Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You can live in Hawaii for only $70,000 in an eco dome!

This is a disaster resistant, hurricane and earthquake resistant dome like, clay house covered with waterproofing, and stucco. Built from local earth-filled Super Adobe coils of finely ground cinder, blue rock and cement, meant to last for many generations. It is tree free. The main dome and four niches function as the bedroom, bathroom, shower and closet. This dome is is approx. 324 sqft.

Designed by world renowned, now deceased, California architect, Nader Khalili. He designed these structures to be in harmony with nature. It was introduced at NASA's symposium in '84 on how to build on the moon and Mars.

The house is cooled by a wind scoop oriented to the trade winds for maximum efficiency. The finished dome structure will have concrete floors which can be kept as is or tiled. The walls are 16 to 18" thick.

The owner is intent on providing affordable housing while preventing global warming.

The owner used a milk and lime base for painting the inside, in order to avoid using any toxic paint.
For $70,000.00 you can get out of the cold, and live in Hawaii in a eco-friendly and completely non-toxic home.
Call Sunny Petropoullakis RA (808)959-1117, or toll free (1-800-385-2884 ) for more information!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The "Green" water tank in puna

The water catchment system on my property.

The humble puna water tank was in the news, recently, and got some of the credit it deserved.
Many consider it an inconvenience, but I actually prefer it! It is "green"(mine is really green) it helps the property owner to be independent, it prevents some erosion, and obviously conserves water.
Come to Hawaii, and you can build a home out of recycled materials, grow a garden all year round, plant an orchard, and eat fruit all year round. You can go completely solar, and catch your own water! Go snorkeling in January!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Why I live in Hawaii

Here on the Big Island you can have the best of both worlds! You can be playing in the snow on Mauna Kea one minute, and just 45 min later you could be surfing Hilo Bay in 80 degree weather!

I have amazing deals available today! Would you like to take over payments on a acre in Hawaiian Paradise Park? I have a lovely cabin on two acres for only $3000 down!
For more information on how you could own your own property in Hawaii, contact Sunny Petropoullakis RA