Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Island Mo Bettah

Honolulu may be rated #12 in the current Monocle report on the top liveable cities in the world, and #1 of US cities. But, as we say here, Big Island mo bettah... For the following liveable reasons:
  1. Not so densely populated - more room to breathe! Not to mention actual land area (why they call it the "Big Island")
  2. Land and home prices are still reasonable. Just ask us.
  3. All those same water sports available, though less crowded.
  4. Snow sports sporadically; hunting and hiking all the time.
  5. More relaxed, Hawaiian style atmosphere
  6. Anyway, Honolulu is just a short flight away, should you want more shopping, etc. in the big city
  7. Country living on larger acreages both available and affordable.
  8. Wide variety of climate zones to choose from on the island.
Living in a big city is no longer necessary for creative input. As Anya Kamenetz discusses in Psychology Today:
Flatworld economists and sociologists look at the growth of telecommuting and instant messaging, e-mailing and videoconferencing, outsourcing and offshoring, and conclude that technology puts creative individuals at all levels, from Boston to Bangladesh, on a level playing field. Increasingly complex tasks in medical, legal, and editorial industries are being outsourced; where you are in the world doesn't matter, because everyone has access to the same tools, technology, and information. As Thomas Friedman put it in a recent interview, "When the world gets this flat, when so many people have this much productivity and this many distributive tools of innovation and collaboration...whatever can be done, will be done." In other words, when people are equipped with the right tools, the result will be creativity and innovation—regardless of locale.
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